New Features:

  • Destroy the Core event - Daily at 17:00 Server TIme

Its similar to a KOTH event altough here you have to actively destroy the core to receive the Loot keys. The loot will be better than koth considering we are in third week of the season and the event will only take place once a day so stay tuned for more info ingame.

The Core is located at the bottom level of the mine - Obsidian

  • Crafting Enchanted Items with Blocks

You can now craft Enchanted Ingots and several other items using blocks instead of ingots. For example, instead of using 64 Iron Ingots to craft 1 Enchanted Iron Ingot, you can now use 7 Iron Blocks.

  • Blackmarket Trader is back with new items


Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed the bug where invited members cannot place or use minions ( you had to first coop them )
  • Updated server to 1.16 version and made alot of optimisation changes
  • Updated anti cheat
New Features
  • Added a new Farm Boss - Undercover Boss that spawns in the Barn Area for level 10-15 players
  • Added Quartz to ore shop
  • Decreased most of high tier crafting recipes that required 64 Enchanted Items to 6 Enchanted items. For example, emerald sword required 9 Stacks of 64 Enchanted Emeralds. Now it only requires 8 Stacks of 6 Enchanted Emeralds.
  • Added one more instance of each KOTH each day
  • Doubled the amount of daily missions and increased exp rewards for some
  • Doubled the experience you received upon killing any mob
  • Increased island mobcap to 150 from 50
  • Added Blackmarket Trader that has special deals for a couple of days, randomly.


New Items
  • Added Enchanted Quartz to crafting table
  • Added Quartz Bow to tier 8 recipe unlock
  • Added Enchanted Gold Ingot craft recipe
  • Added a new item type: Catalyst - "Forgotten Idol" Can be crafted with 8 Enchanted Gold Ingots


Bug Fixes & Changes
  • Lowered the battlepass tier exp requirment from 1000 exp to 500 exp
  • Fixed a couple of battlepass missions
  • Increased Magma King Diamond/Emerald block drop chance
  • Lowered Grass Block price from 500 to 80 for 8 stack
  • Fixed Island Settings and Hunger mechanics
  • Added separate Tab bars for each map with battlepass / envoy and koth information

Known issues:
Dragon eggs teleporting when clicking them
Players cant place minions on co-op islands unless they are cooped before invited
Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, we have are currently low on members of our staff teams the staff team is a vital part of the server so that is why I'm thrilled to announce that we are indeed looking for more members for our STAFF TEAM.

Now you may be wondering...

What is the Staff team?
We are a group of members who focuses on making Skyclash the best it can be. We moderate the server, respond to questions and queries on the server, and discord, we even catch them, pesky hackers, and glitch/bug abusers.

How do I become a Staff Member?
You can become a Staff Member by applying on the forums, by clicking here you will be brought to the application section of the forums, we suggest you read the requirements and application format by clicking here. Once you have read the application requirements and still believe you would like to be apart of the staff team, apply here with the format given to you.

What's next?
We have two ways for an application to go from this stage

If you have been accepted onto the staff team you will be messaged by one of the management team members for an interview if it is necessary, at this point we believe you would be a good fit and if you surpass the interview you may receive our `STAFF` rank on the network.

Sadly your application did not make us feel that you would be a good fit for us here at Skyclash or you did not fit the...

The wait is almost over, in 3 days the gates to Avalon will be opened.

A long time and an immense amount of effort has gone into this project and we truly hope you will enjoy it with us!

As Zen mentioned in the last newsletter, this first map will be of sacrifice, because the easiest way to remove all the bugs, is to let you guys play the server and find them.

With this revamp, we focused on making this realm entertaining for you all by giving you content to fill your days with!

As far as features go, Zen already mentioned the most important ones in the last post. However, this is not nearly all the features we have in store for you ...

- Ranks have been revamped
- Mysterious Nether Chest
- Daily Rewards
- Revamped shop
- Flight time
- New custom player skills
- Create or join a clan for the glory that comes with it!
- Special Nether Cookies
- Global item bombs
- Tons of cool Minions to help you grow your island faster!
- Custom warps each with their own use
- Forger, for all your warrior, magic and enchanting needs

And we could go on and on! Join us on the 16th to help us test the server.

We are also giving people who re upload our trailer on youtube and get 100+ views, 5$ buycraft, which you can use on the skyblock part of the store! (Contact one of the higher staff if you have reached the Requirements)
Download Link:

Hope to see you all soon, ingame !

Spoiler Alert: Public chat will come to live..Literally

|The SkyClash Team|


Its official, on 16th may we will open the gates to a custom designed gameplay of skyblock clans. Here, i can only give you a glimpse of how the gameplay will turn out. I can't stress enough to prepare for a first month of beta testing. The first map will clearly be of sacrifice, because the only way to 100% remove bugs is to let you guys find it.

Some features the new gameplay will have:

- Different value system. We do not encourage afk bot farming. You require more spawners, go get them? Want to have even more value? Buy some minions.
- Only 4 types of mob spawners available only by boss drops
- Minions included for blocks and farms
- Multiple islands with different resources to be mined or collected.
- You want to increase your Fishing profession? You'll have to go to fishing island
- REALLY custom enchantments and skills appliable on custom items.
- A system that will keep you active 24/7. Want to craft endgame contect? You'll need thousands of crafting items? Oh boy, the pigs will have such a great value for their enhanced porkchop.
- Did i say custom quests? Unlock hidden waypoints and avoid walking all the time, get exp and level up
( yes, custom leveling system with stat points and skills ).

And many, many more. Be there on 16th to help us test the server. Wait, what are the payouts for this server? As i've personally mentioned in previous announcements. Skyclash skyblock servers will have the following payouts.

50$ Paypal
50$ Buycraft
30$ Buycraft

These payouts will be available for classic 1 month, competitive realms. Avalon, will be the first of its kind, followed by a 6 month realm, non-competitive, named Elenia. Whats the difference? Only one, if you die, you'll get to keep your inventory on Elenia and most maps will have pvp turned off completely....​

Factions PvP Tournament

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the map, the first day was full of big PvP Fights. Seeing them gave me the idea of a PvP Tournament. We'll be holding a 1v1 elimination style PvP Tournament tomorrow, all the information about the tournament can be found in this announcement. Brackets, Timings and Dates:

Firstly, a bracket will be made out of everyone part taking in the event. The bracket will be made public 3 hours before the event starts, everyone wanting to join may contact @xSam in discord DMs and he'll sign you up.

The event will happen at 3pm EST, 4th of May on Monday.

Rules and Regulations:
There are a few obvious rules and regulations for the event, they can all be found here. Trying to find loopholes in the event rules may result in a disqualification from the event.
- No using any type of illegal modifications (Hacks, Autoclicker, Fightbot etc)
- No being late, if you aren't online at exactly 3pm EST you'll be removed from the bracket.
- No Hackusating publicly, I'll be spectating every match. If I see anything suspicious I'll deal with it, if you think

How it will work: At 3pm EST, the people from the bracket will start getting teleported to a 1v1 arena. The event will last a while as everyone will be having their fights one at a time, everyone will be able to spectate by doing /warp spectate.

At the end the top 3 winners will get the prizes listed below.


First Place will get: $30 BuyCraft
Second Place will get: $20 BuyCraft
Third Place will get: $10 BuyCraft

Message xSam to enter the event, good luck

Skyblock realm
Barbarian Skyblock will end on 1st May at 5 PM EST , 9 PM GMT. For those that wish to learn more about the future of our skyblock community read here. Our ETA on the next map is around 9th May 2020. Stay tuned for more information

| The current payouts , which will be permanent on our servers will be the following and apply only on competitive SKYBLOCK realms:

1st Place: 50$ Paypal
2nd place:
50$ Buycraft
3rd place: 30$ Buycraft​

Galactica realm - Classic Factions

Map Information

The following is the map information for the new season.

• 30 man Factions (Upgradable)
• 3-Second Cannons
• Spawner / Sugarcane Economy
• Custom Enchantments
• End Border - 6000 x 6000*
• Overworld Border - 5000 x 5000
• Galactica Border - 7500 x 7500
• 28 Day map - 5-day grace + 23 days of TNT
• No /f shield
• /wild is disabled for the grace period.
• Flight will be disabled for the SOTW (Start of the World); 1 hour of no flight.

* End World will open 3 days after release!


Paypal Rewards

Payments will be distributed to the top 3 faction owners.

Place #1 - $70 Paypal + $50 Buycraft
Place #2 - $50‬ Paypal + $30 Buycraft
Place #3 - $30 Paypal + $20 Buycraft

The payout amounts listed above are the total amount given out to the winners.
The payouts are split into 3 payments. One payment 7 day after the release, and weekly after.

How to get your payouts if you win:

• Set your PayPal email on the server...​

| Regarding next Season Updates

Since last week we i took over the server there hasn't been alot of changes. Honestly, we barely changed anything, and for a good reason. You might think we are careless or bored but here is truth.

We are going to revamp the server completely. And there is no point in changing the current setup. Its going to be replaced completely. We are working around the clock, its just you don't see it. YET!

| Here are some major changes we plan to do:

  • Make it Non pay to win
  • Revamp ranks and rewards even though we won't sell so much, we will ensure a long term stability on the server
  • Improve Skyblock experience. i know this is vague, but trust me, its going to be alot better. We plan to introduce classes, Pve and Pvp islands, custom crafting, custom economy, and so on.
  • Get some youtubers and adevertising rolling on starting with May once the changes take place
  • And much more

| Now, regarding payouts.

Considering the fact we want to make this server NOT pay to win, payouts will be small and complementary, not a reason to play here. We believe that playing just for the money often brings only the worst traits out of players.

| The current payouts , which will be permanent on our servers will be the following and apply only on competitive realms:

  • 1st Place: 50$ Paypal
  • 2nd place: 50$ Buycraft
  • 3rd place: 30$ Buycraft

Note that, the usual seasons will last 1 full month (on competitive realms) and 6 months (on non-competitive realms). These rules will apply to all gamemodes and game types our network will have.

| What are competitive and non-competitive realms?

Non-Competitive realms will have no Paypal...​